Durian packaging process

Which standards of Chinese durian exports need to meet and which process should be followed is the knowledge that Ratraco Solutions wants to share so that customers who are enterprises, producers and traders of Vietnamese agricultural products have more business. experience. , knowledgeable about planning of fruit rotation (fresh durian) to your country. Durian is a fruit item that needs to be properly preserved and packed for long-distance transportation, so the owner must know how to coordinate with a reputable, professional and experienced railway transport service unit. so that exported goods are not damaged or crushed causing undesirable bulk damage. Join RatracoSolutions Logistics to learn more about how to export durian to China.

Time to harvest durian of the year in different growing regions: price warnings for some regions Avoid winning the season, when harvested in bulk or growers do not know the time of harvest, places fear of market sale off, sell off;
Durian harvest time of the year in different growing regions: price warning for some regions
November-December: Fall adversity in the West;
January to March: love the West;
May – March: harvest in the West;

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