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What are crypto faucets and how do they work?

Sometimes, hackers may even steal the funds that the faucet owners have deposited. A crypto faucet is a software for users to earn free crypto from completing small tasks. A crypto faucet utilizes the divisibility of cryptocurrencies to be able to reward users with small amounts of crypto. In addition, some crypto faucets can block […]

What Causes Bitcoins Volatility?

There are numerous studies that look into the volatility of Bitcoin. Dwyer (2015), for example, analyzes monthly standard deviations of Bitcoin prices from Mt. Gox, BTC, and Bitstamp and concludes that these are 5–7 times higher than what is generally observed in stock markets. Bouoiyour and Selmi (2016), Bouri et al. (2017), Katsiampa (2017), and Ardia […]

9 safest and Most Profitable Forex Trading Methods in 2022

Still, traders must minimize the risk of trading Forex as much as possible. For this reason, we have compiled the following guide for you. Here are nine ways to engage in trading Forex safely and increase your potential profit. Position traders are likely to monitor central bank monetary policies, political developments and other fundamental […]

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